Beatrice Gono - Centre Manager

Mapule Mathonsi - Administrator

Beatrice Gono.jpg

Joined TDF in January 2013. 

Mapule Mathonsi.jpg

Joined TDF in August 2012

  • Administator

  • Carpentry Computer Facilitator

  • Social Action Representative

Masego Tlhabundugwane - Caretaker

Amogelang Tlhabudugwane.jpg

Joined TDF in July 2017

AET Department

Gladys Mofama - AET Facilitator

Gladys Mofama.JPG

Joined TDF in July 2012

  • AET NQF1 Communication in English & Small Medium & Micro Enterprises Facilitator

  • AET Level 2 Communication in English Facilitator

James Kgaphu - AET Facilitator

James Kgaphu.jpg

Joined TDF in April 2009

  • AET NQF1 Human Social Sciences & Economic and Management Sciences Facilitator

  • AET Level2 Numeracy Facilitator

  • Computer & Click Maths Facilitator

Linah Mofokeng - Computer & Click Maths Facilitator

Linah Mofokeng.JPG

Joined TDF in July 2013

  • AET NQF1 Maths  Literacy & Life Orientation Facilitator

Carpentry Department

Wilson Chirwa - H.O.D Carpentry

Wilson Chirwa.jpg

Joined TDF in October 2009

  • Head of Department - Carpentry

  • Carpentry Facilitator

Zacharia Mkondo - Assistant Carpentry Facilitator

Zacharia Mkondo.JPG

Joined TDF in January 2014

Fumu Nzimi - Carpentry Production Specialist

Fumu Nzima.jpg

Joined TDF in April 2017

  • To conceptualize and design products in order to grow the organisations production capabilities and in turn make it more sustainable

Sewing Department

Josephinah Chauke - Sewing Facilitator

Josephine Chauke.JPG

Joined TDF in July 2011

Khulani ECD

Bellah - Teacher (Grade 00)


Teacher of the Grade 00 class.

Joined Khulani ECD in January 2017

Patricia Mdawonde - Kitchen Manager & Social Worker


Kitchen manager and Social worker.

Joined Khulani ECD in January 2017.

Violet - Teacher (Grade 000)


Teacher of the Grade 000 class.

Joined Khulani ECD in January 2017.

Mashudu Nwanamidwa - Teacher's Assistant


Teacher’s Assistant.

Joined Khulani ECD in January 2018.