Another very popular course that we offer is typically taken up by the ladies of the community. Not only do they find value in the actual training, but also the social interaction with the other ladies participating in the course.

  • SETA accreditation has been awarded to TDF Sewing allowing the course to evolve into something even greater, training the ladies like never before.

  • There has always been strong support from the community for our sewing classes with ongoing enquiries being received throughout the year.

  • We have capped our capacity for now at 10 learners per 6 month course.

  • There is definite need (and request) to extend the course to incorporate more detailed course material and skills training in line with a much larger textile industry offering – design, packaging and so on. This will happen now that we have received our SETA accreditation.

  • The sewing programme will also become part of the envisaged production facility/factory whereby past learners together with past carpentry learners will be producing products to order. At the same time business incubation/training will be available to participants within the production facility.

  • The ladies who participate in the course always enjoy the course, particularly with items being made that could be used by the learners themselves or even sold in order to generate some additional income.


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