Little Champions

By Fran Torlage

The Master of Ceremonies at the Khulani ECD end of year concert and graduation held on 17 November referred to the boys and girls performing for the enthusiastic audience of parents and family as well as sponsors, supporters and friends of Khulani ECD, as little champions – and indeed they were.

The theme of “Cultures” meant that the scene was set with a beautiful rendition of our National Anthem by both classes (Grade 00 and Grade 000), followed by a Zulu poem, gumboot dancers replete in red overalls and hard hats, and very professional and beautifully costumed Zulu and traditional Batswana dancing which resulted in spontaneous audience participation. A change of pace was introduced when soldiers took to the stage to perform a Scottish march, and once they had filed off with military precision, the graduating class (Grade 00) - with girls in white and boys in black and white with black bow ties - executing their adult dance moves with great confidence. The grand finale included Christmas carols ending with an exuberant “Jingle Bells” with both classes on stage.

The graduates received their certificates and each told of their ambition for when their grow up. It is heartening to know that amongst our first graduates we have aspirant doctors, teachers, farmers and policemen and women,

The little champions and the audience were treated to an excellent lunch spread catered by the parents of Khulani. Thanks to the parents, teachers and all concerned, particularly our star performers, for a very special and wonderful celebration of a year of learning and growth for the children in 2018, the second year of Khulani’s existence.

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