Our carpentry course has always been a popular choice amongst the Diepsloot community with enquiries received throughout the year. The foundation that has been laid with the initial basic course over the past few years positions us well to have the course formally accredited through the Fibre Processing & Manufacturing (FP&M) SETA and give the learners a fully accredited qualification once graduating.


  • SETA accreditation has been awarded to TDF Carpentry allowing the course to evolve into something even greater, training tradesman and artisans like never before.

  • Due to regular funding challenges, we challenged the carpentry department to start producing many of their products from recycled materials such as pallet wood. This was well received by facilitators and learners, and besides producing some beautiful products, the learners have learnt the valuable skill of producing a saleable product from something that is typically considered as “junk”.

  • We have also started a basic production SMME incubator and hub whereby products are made within the carpentry department by past learners. Some beautiful products are being conceptualised and produced such as kids' see-saws, tyre dog beds, crate boxes etc. This has been greatly supported with many sales taking place and allowing the learners to earn some extra cash for themselves.

  • This is no doubt the start to our dream of a full scale production facility/factory together with business incubator/training facility – by 2020 if finances allow this.


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