Our AET programme forms the cornerstone of "our learners' educational" development, and is critical for them to be able to explore both employment and self-employment opportunities. The AET course focuses mainly on numeracy and literacy training but also includes subjects such as life orientation, SMME studies as well as computer training.  


Some of our AET highlights recently are:   

  • The extended AET course from a 6 to a 12 month programme since 2016 has shown huge improvements amongst our learners’ achievements allowing them to have a far better understanding of the subjects they are learning. 

  • Exams continue to be written every term ahead of finals in November – again to allow learners to get used to the pressures and prepare them for the “real thing” at year end.

  • The 20 iPads from Apple iSchool (with customised Apps for Diepsloot) which we acquired in 2015 continue to be integrated into the AET teaching and the learners are increasingly benefiting from this technology.

  • All learners from all courses continue to have access to our computer centre for assignments, projects and class work due to their home environment not being conducive enough for such work to be done.

  • With the computer programme in place together with the iPads, we have partnered with ClickMaths (Khan Academy) to assist our teachers to get the learners to strengthen their subject understanding, particularly in Maths – always been a challenge.

  • Our learners will be better prepared for the “real world” workplace with this all-inclusive approach by TDF